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【Community】,【New Market page】,【Exchange MP to USDT】officially launching

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

MoonXBT officially launched【Community】,【New Market page】,【Exchange MP to USDT】etc., details as follows:


Community includes parts: Monopoly game, Forum, Ranking

Monopoly game: a game that users can initiate by themselves. You can create a game at a lower cost and organize others to participate in the competition. After a successful draw, you will get a prize pool draw. You can also pay to sign up for any competition and win rewards according to the rules.

Forum: place where you can freely speak, discuss, and output opinions. You can post updates, comments, or follow others.

Ranking: displays the revenue ranking of platform users in real time.

New Market page

  1. Fully updated UI

  2. Add any token

  3. Support custom sorting by order number, price change, selling price, and buying price.

  4. Supports viewing K-line and associated positions at the same time.

  5. Supports full-screen view

  6. The K-line area can additionally display the opening line, take-profit line, stop-loss line, etc.

Exchange MP to USDT

MP can be exchanged into USDT, and it can be exchanged for a total of 10000MP, the exchange ratio is 100:1, and there is no limit to the number of times.

Placing Order

By default, the last stop-profit and stop-loss settings are memorized.

Fixed display issues


K line fluency,order-related display problems have been optimized,personal center to add avatar, nickname and other information.

Welcome to try!

How to use Community? Click here:

Community FAQ

Community Tutorial

How to use New Market Page? Click here:

How to use the new "Market" page? – MoonXBT

How to get and use MP? Click here:

How to get and use MoonXBT Points? – MoonXBT

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