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25% Plus 5% APY Rate! MoonXBT Offers A Chance for Passive Income by Staking 2022 Football Token

MoonXBT Football token

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is one month ahead. Many are already expecting the thrill and fun to get from watching the tournament. But what if there’s a way to triple that thrill and fun? You can watch the game, and potentially make a big profit by predicting the result of different games, and you can even enjoy passive income at an unimaginable high rate.

MoonXBT, the leading crypto social trading experience, launched a derivative product regarding the upcoming World Cup tournament called 2022 Football Token at the beginning of October. It allows users to purchase tokens from 32 teams to play during this world cup. And every time, the team wins a game, the respective token holder will gain all the tokens of the opponent’s holding tokens. In other words, it is a prediction crypto derivative where you can earn what your opponent loses after each game all the way up to the championship where the biggest prize pool awaits.

But now, MoonXBT has added some quite nice icing on this derivative cake. Instead of making someone happy while someone sad after each game because there’s always a winner and a loser in the game, MoonXBT comes up with a way to bring happiness to every token subscriber regardless of the game result. And more importantly, happiness comes from passive income which means you do not need to do anything extra to get the income.

This is the newest feature added to MoonXBT 2022 Football Token - staking. Token subscribers of MoonXBT 2022 Football Token can choose to stake any amount of their holding token and earn returns on the staked value at an annualized yield rate of 25%, a rate that’s been rarely seen compared to any other crypto staking products.

No matter if your supported team wins or loses, you will get the above passive income simply by putting your purchased token in the staking pool starting effective the moment you click the “stake” button and confirm the staked amount. The return will be calculated and distributed daily! The platform scans the user's staked value every hour and gets the average staked value of the day at UTC 0:00 every day and settles the daily income. Once the token holder starts staking, he or she will see the growth of the asset in the account every morning waking up.

The daily income will be calculated using the user’s staked token value times the daily return rate which is calculated using the APY 25% to be divided by 365. But the daily income will change dynamically based on the change in the user’s staked value. Purchasing, selling, or settling tokens may increase or reduce the token amount in the staking pool and therefore affect the daily yield.

If you think the 25% APY seems surreal, it’s not done. Users can also get an additional 5% APY return from the staking token value of their referees. The income is also settled in your account at 0:00(UTC) every day. The more referrals you make or friends you invite to participate in the staking, the more you will get from this part of the revenue. The 5% addition applies to each of your referees or invitees, and they are accumulative without limitation. If one utilizes his or her social connections, this part of income may very easily exceed their own staking income.

The 2022 Football Token derivative and its staking feature will be only available during the World Cup season. So, for those of you who look forward capitalising on this worldwide event, and also making decent passive income, MoonXBT is definitely worthy to be checked out.

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