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An Exclusive Interview With Mr. Anderson, The Country Manager Of MoonXBT From Indonesia

MoonXBT ,Interview with conutry manager of indonesia

Here is an exclusive interview with Anderson, the country manager of MoonXBT from Indonesia, who discussed the recent deal between MoonXBT and the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia. Learn what it means for this innovative project’s future and its growing popularity in Southeast Asia.

Q1: Tell us briefly about MoonXBT and how it is contributing to the crypto ecosystem.
MoonXBT is the world’s first cryptocurrency social trading platform focusing on the deep integration of transactions and social interaction. At MoonXBT, traders are offered several types of trading choices that include options, liquid contracts, and also spot trading. Meanwhile, they are also offered the innovative one-click copy trading service, with which rookie traders can follow the traders of their liking and mimic their trading strategies automatically. There will also be In-app trading forums, providing chances for trading battles and keeping traders socially engaged while making profits. The company is headquartered in the Cayman Islands with offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South America,Turkey,and Hongkong. MoonXBT is committed to building a vibrant and international crypto community. When it comes to the entire crypto ecosystem, MoonXBT is devoted to redefining digital asset transactions in the industry with both trading product innovations such as derivatives. Moreover, we introduce a new social model among traders. MoonXBT wants to maximise the power of connection in crypto space.
Q2. MoonXBT recently signed a deal with the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC). What is the significance of this country-level cooperation?
SERC is the highest government department to oversee Security and Exchange activities in Cambodia. The signing of the MOU ceremony was attended by the chief director of SERC, Sou Socheat, and other high-level officials. At the same ceremony, SERC also signed an MOU with the China Development Institute, a government-backed think tank for China’s development and reform. So, the seriousness and importance of the signing ceremony can be comprehended easily. MoonXBT is the second crypto exchange to have signed such an MOU with SERC, following Binance, but the only crypto exchange to have presented at the site in front of the Cambodian government officials. Together, MoonXBT and SERC would promote the development of digital assets. So, this is a great recognition of MoonXBT’s regulatory compliance, security, professionalism, and growth as a platform. It shows MoonXBT’s capability to work in compliance with regulations to serve users as a reliable and legit crypto exchange. It means much more than obtaining government licences such as MSB, because this is direct trust from the top government officials to MoonXBT. As per the MoU, MoonXBT will also provide its specialised assistance in the implementation of the regulatory framework and laws related to new financial products in the Cambodian market, including digital assets. With the lowest beneficiary transaction fees for the Cambodia market, MoonXBT will help promote crypto adoption through online and offline channels in the country. Additionally, MoonXBT will also provide job opportunities to expand the talent pool of digital assets in Cambodia. This collaboration would mean MoonXBT making use of its strong R&D power to develop an identity recognition application for Cambodian citizens so that they can use it as a gateway to access governmental websites at large. Undoubtedly, this will make Cambodia a centre for carrying out innovations.
Q3. Why do you think MoonXBT can become the second crypto exchange after Binance to work with SERC?
I think MoonXBT has three advantages to be chosen as the second crypto exchange to work with SERC: security, innovation, and its rapid growth in Southeast Asia. We are already among the top three crypto-derivative exchanges in Vietnam. Furthermore, MoonXBT would be the first crypto-derivative platform to receive the significant honour from the officials of the SERC in-person. All of that leads our team to believe that it is time to broaden our horizons and find better footing in the entire region.
Q4. What has MoonXBT done to make itself a secure and reliable platform that is recognized by Cambodian regulators?
Even though MoonXBT has been around for less than two years, it has invested a lot to strengthen its platform security. MoonXBT has worked with some of the best security firms in the industry to upgrade its security in multiple dimensions, making sure it is safe enough for every user. MoonXBT collaborated with Fireblocks, one of the top digital asset custody, transfer, and settlement platforms, to achieve secure and direct custody technology. The idea was to allow users to maintain control of funds. Fireblocks is recognized as the best choice for such a step, as the company provides an enterprise-grade and secure infrastructure. Not only that, MoonXBT has also worked with the top security company, Certik, to conduct a thorough code audit of the entire platform. These collaborations have made MoonXBT unattackable and immune to hacks that can cause potential asset losses.
Q5. What has MoonXBT achieved in terms of digital asset trading product innovation?
MoonXBT is a platform full of creativity. It now has a comprehensive trading product line consisting of spot trading, liquid contracts, warrant options, perpetual contracts, OTC, etc. It also always stays ahead of the market by listing the contract trading of innovative trading pairs such as ETHW, APT, and so forth. It also experiments with other innovative financial derivatives, such as its newest derivative combining crypto with the upcoming World Up called 2022 Football Token, to really bring digital assets into various scenarios. More importantly, MoonXBT is an innovative crypto social trading platform. With social tools like forums, trading battles, and social influencers to empower trading, this platform is making consistent progress. Its flagship copy trading allows users to follow their preferred trading strategy and have their orders executed automatically with one click, so that rookie traders can share the profits brought by veteran traders and benefit from the social connections.
Q6. Why is MoonXBT growing rapidly in Southeast Asia?
Although founded less than three years ago, MoonXBT has built a firm brand as an innovative and fast-growing crypto social trading platform, especially in Southeast Asia. It caters to almost 200,000 users from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia in the region, and it is one of the top three crypto-derivative exchanges in Vietnam. MoonXB’s reliability and product innovation have earned it initial popularity in Southeast Asia. Also, its social trading concept and products click very much with the community-driven mentality of traders in Southeast Asia. Moreover, MoonXBT is making other efforts, such as working with OTC 365 to provide the cheapest fiat-to-crypto service to users in the area.
Q7. How will MoonXBT push forward its compliance work in other parts of the world?
With Cambodia as a start, MoonXBT will expedite its compliance work in the entire Southeast Asia region and then around the world. The partnership with SERC justifies MoonXBT as a trustworthy, reliable, and safe crypto exchange, which will make it easier for MoonXBT to obtain regulatory approval elsewhere.
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