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An updated version of MoonXBT will be available soon, with new functions in users’ community

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The newest MoonXBT version 2.0 will be available on July 11. While being user-friendly, high-efficient, and easy-to-use, it will still be the core of the MoonXBT interaction app, version 2.0 also includes functions such as Community, Order Sharing, as well as the optimized Market page, MP reward points redemption, and order placement. Users, either new or experienced, will be able to enjoy the new update on MoonXBT app with ease.

The on-line forum named Users’ Original Contents will be launched for the first time in the digital currency field.

According to version 2.0, mobile users can enter the Community section after clicking the Explore at the bottom right on the MoonXBT page. The Community section mainly consists of three parts, Monopoly, Forum, and Leaderboard.

In Monopoly, users are going to be able to start their own games, such as creating a new competitive game with less fees and organizing other users to join. All traders will be given an opportunity to be part of the lucky draw session after the prizes are named, or they can participate in other competitions with a certain amount of admission, and win prizes accordingly, which is in proportion to the successful trading figures of the total numbers of their trade records.

In Forum, users will be able to share and discuss their ideas freely, post updates, comments, and follow other users. As the first platform to establish such a place of exchanging users’ original contents in the digital currency world, MoonXBT’s Forum already became the spotlight among users even before the initial launch.

When it’s released, MoonXBT will invite some of the most renowned KOLs to be part of the program, and they will be willing to share their crypto experience, successful trading strategies, and investing tips. Also, from time to time, MoonXBT will put out prize-winning activities in the Forum section. Users can get free USDT by taking part in those activities.

After Monopoly and Forum, the Leaderboard is a real-time display of the users’ revenue ranking. After trading, traders can check their places on the list. For those users who are topping the list for a long while, MoonXBT will issue electronic certificates and account authentication, carry out online personal interviews, experience sharing, and public promotion, etc, as perks. Even better, top users will have the chance to become MoonXBT’s business partner, earning up to 50% as general commissions.

Trading pairs, customized sorting by an order number, change, buying price, selling price, will be supported in the new version. Also, simultaneous viewing of K-line and associated positions, full-screen view, and additional opening lines Take Profit Line, Stop Loss Line, and other operational functions can be displayed in the K-line area.

All the improvements we made are to provide our users the most updated market information, the most unique data analysis, and the most comprehensive platform information.

In addition, as long as reaching up to 10,000 MP points, the exchange between MP and USDT is on with a rate of 100:1, while times of exchanging are unlimited. Just log into the web or App and sign in at Points Center to complete the task to earn points.

One-click copy trading, the best choice for contract novice users

As being launched at the end of this July. MoonXBT has integrated One-Clicking tracking into the App. And with the help of MoonTech, a product developed by MoonXBT’s team as a low-latency and high-concurrency trading system, the combo of One-Click Tracking and MoonTech will effectively solve drawbacks such as data delay caused by third-party copy trading platforms docking with multiple exchange APIs. By doing so, on one hand, it can make the continuity in functionality coming real, on the other hand, it can make the contract trading standing out from others. Thus, both copy trading and transaction can be completed simply by a click.

In addition, the profit incentive mechanize implemented by MoonXBT enables the tracked user to obtain a high proportion of the profit, they can enjoy the benefits brought by well-known KOLs and excellent traders in the industry through the “one-click copy trading “ function, making the product more friendly to novice users.

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