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Crypto social trading exchange MoonXBT gains groundswell support among traders

Updated: May 25, 2022

Cryptocurrency trading might not be a novel concept for most people. For many onlookers who also want a slice of the pie, they can get started with a social trading platform like MoonXBT, a newbie-friendly exchange begin with.

MoonXBT Community Carnival

As a young exchange founded in May 2021, MoonXBT is thriving in the global marketplace with its social trading and copy trading new features. George Lee, COO of MoonXBT, says “MoonXBT presents itself as a social trading platform not just by name but with substance.” He believes that interconnectivity can be used to drive innovation and creativity.

To meet this goal, MoonXBT provides a community for traders, with three major functions, namely to share opinions, join trading battles, and be ranked.

In MoonXBT’s interface, users can log onto the forum to chat, follow and learn from other cryptonauts, especially successful traders before rushing into an unknown war under-equipped. Learning from the best ones can quickly allow new beginners to familiarize themselves with crypto trading. On the forum, traders can also ask trading questions and post comments to get interactions just like what people do before going to a job interview. New beginners can easily find their mentors, and like-minded trading partners in the MoonXBT community.

MoonXBT also provides a “Game List” function, in which users can create trading battles with other traders to spice up the trading. In this way, trading is not a lone-wolf game, but a battle with other users in the MoonXBT community. They can also view all the trading battles and select ones that they want to join, giving them more incentive while enjoying the trading profits.

The community will also have a ranking for traders to motivate them to trade more. For both beginners and professional traders, the ranking also gives them a clear picture of how well they do in the MoonXBT community in terms of crypto trading. The ranking also provides a pool of successful traders for beginners to do copy trading, as the platform also provides a one-click copy trading function. In this way, MoonXBT traders can copy the trading strategies of the professional ones and give them the upper hand in the trading journey, compared with other traders.

Novian Alfarizi, the user of MoonXBT expresses that"we discuss many things every day, from trading to things that have nothing to do with trading. In fact, we are like family in the community."

With a healthy crypto trading community comes good trading friends that could be lifelong. MoonXBT offers more than crypto trading, but is a community in the virtual crypto trading world! Having said all that, many of you might be eager to try your luck at the social trading exchange. Before you get started, there is something you can’t miss.

From Feb 15 to Feb 21 (UTC+8), users can get a reward of up to 75 USDT by posting transaction-related posts in the MoonXBT forum on its APP.

The first 100 users to do so will get a 10 USDT trading bonus each. Also, there will be a 5 USDT trading bonus for the first 1,000 users who participate in it.

What’s more, the user garnering the highest number of likes and comments will get an extra 50 USDT in a trading bonus, followed by 30 USDT for the second-highest and 20 USDT for the third-highest. The top 20 users with the highest number of likes and comments on their posts will each receive an extra 10 USDT trading bonus.

The rewards are stackable. What are you still waiting for? Let’s join MoonXBT to get the first pot of gold for the crypto trading journey!

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