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MoonXBT "Dandelion Project" Content Writing Contest

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

MoonXBT "Dandelion Project" Content Writing Contest has officially started. You can participate or recommend it to your friends, kols, and communities.

1、The best creator will receive a reward of 1000USDT.

2、All qualified participants will also receive a reward of 20USDT as a consolation prize.

What are you waiting for?! Come and join us!!👉Activity link👉👉Activity form

👇Below is the event details👇

I. Contest time.

December 20, 2021 00:00 (UTC+8) - January 03, 2022 23:59 (UTC+8)

II. Contest details.

Write articles related to MoonXBT in any language during the contest, and post the articles to your media or social media accounts. Add your exclusive invitation link to MoonXBT in the copy, and submit the relevant information regarding the contest in the provided form before the end of the contest. We will issue rewards based on the content of your post and the amount of interaction.

III. Contest rewards.

Reward LevelReward Amount (USDT)Number of PrizesFirst prize10001Second prize5002Third prize2003Fourth prize1004Fifth prize505Participation prize20First 50 people to register

IV. Reward conditions.

1. All entries must contain original quality content related to MoonXBT to enter the top ranking. (3 points in total: 1 point for original content related to MoonXBT, 2 points for quality content)

2. Article writing word count is 300 words or more. (Total 1 point: no points for less than 300 words, 1 point for 300 words or more)

3. The number of platforms participants can publish on is not limited but must contain at least one of the following recommended platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Medium). (Total 2 points: less than three platforms scores 1 point, more than three platforms scores 2 points)

4. Article interaction volume (retweets, likes, and comments count as one each). (Total of 2 points: interaction volume less than 50 has no score, more than 50 but less than 100 scores 1 point, more than 100 scores 2 points)

5. The number of fans on the media platform account the article was published exceeds 150 (2 points in total: 1 point for less than 150, 2 points for more than 150)

We will score points according to the above criteria, with a maximum of 10 available.

1. The reward ranking will be based on the high score. Scores below six will not count.

2. If scores are tied, they are ranked according to the application form submission time. Those who registered earlier will rank higher.

3. MoonXBT will announce the final ranking.

V. Article content reference ideas.

1. How to download and register MoonXBT, KYC authentication, Google authentication binding, etc.

2. Share positive experiences of using MoonXBT.

3. Share your process of trading contracts in MoonXBT, and show screenshots of your profits.

4. Share tutorials and experiences of using Copy Trading.

5. Analysis of the crypto industry market related to MoonXBT.

6. Analysis of cryptocurrency market prices related to MoonXBT.

*The above content direction is for reference only. As long as the content is related to MoonXBT, you are free to create, there are no restrictions. For more writing materials, please refer to the official MoonXBT website:

VI. Terms and Conditions.

  • Contestants must fill out the related form before the end of the contest to be eligible to participate.

  • Original articles only. Any duplicated content found will result in disqualification from the contest.

  • Participants must register with MoonXBT and obtain an exclusive link. KYC is obligatory for winners.

  • Participants must add the hashtag #MoonXBT Dandelion Project to their social media posts, and @MoonXBT or the relevant local MoonXBT social media account at the end of the post.

  • MoonXBT will calculate the final score and issue rewards within seven working days after the event.

  • Cheating in any form will result in disqualification, and the contestant will be ineligible for rewards.

  • MoonXBT reserves the right to cancel, modify and interpret the contest rules.

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