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MoonXBT Increases its OTC Capacity for Better User Service and Larger Markets


Unlike major exchanges which have their own OTC desk, MoonXBT, an innovative crypto social trading platform offering both spot and derivative market trading, finds an approach with high ROI to provide its users over-the-counter, i.e. OTC service which is integration.

In preparation for the future’s bigger markets both in terms of user base as well as industrial innovation, MoonXBT enhanced its OTC service by integrating with the fiat gateway provider XanPool which has an extensive user base across Asia-Pacific. This allows users to buy crypto directly on MoonXBT with fiat money. The platform is also talking to other fiat-to-crypto solution providers in parallel for a larger scale of OTC service.

Over-the-counter (OTC) refers to private trading transacted outside the public exchange, in this case, MoonXBT. As a vital supplement to exchange, OTC desk plays a vital role usually in the three aspects below.

First of all, OTC is a better place to carry out large orders by big retail investors or institutional investors that would be otherwise disruptive to the market if executed on the open exchange. For most of the users, OTC provides access to crypto entry for users without existing ownership of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, in the case with Xanpool, users can not only buy more or sell more crypto but with fiat money or local payment methods which make the process easier.

By integrating with Xanpool, MoonXBT allows users to buy crypto with 11 fiat currencies including SGD, HKD, THB, PHP, INR, IDR, VND, MYR, AUD, NZD, KRW. Users can sell crypto in exchange for 6 fiat currencies including SGD, HKD, PHP, VND, THB, MYR.

Meanwhile, with the above-listed fiat currencies, users are open to purchasing 37 cryptos including AAC, AAVE, ABT, ACT, AE, ALGO, APIX, APM, ARK, ATOM, AVAX, BCH, BTC, CELO, BSV, CUSD, DASH, EOS, ETC, ETH, FUSE, IDK, LINK, LTC, MANA, NANO, NEM, NEO, OKB, QTUM, SUSHI, TRX, USDT, XLM, XRP, XSGD, ZIL. And MoonXBT OTC currently supports the selling of 7 cryptocurrencies including CUSD, ETH, IDK, USDT, ZIL, BTC, CELO.

In addition to allowing users to exchange between fiat and crypto with the options listed above, integrating with Xanpool also helps the platform to generate more liquidity since the OTC desk will lower the threshold for more new liquidity to be injected onto the platform.

It also facilitates MoonXBT to earn more popularity across the Southeast Asia area even if the platform has already earned some sort of foothold there. MoonXBT now has an expansive presence in Southeast Asia including countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam where it has one of the top three exchanges.

Nevertheless, MoonXBT is also having active conversations with other fiat-to-crypto solution providers such as indacoin, Banxa, and so forth to provide OTC service to more users in the emerging markets such as Turkey, Russia, Latam where MoonXBT now have local operations.

On top of the above, MoonXBT also launched a perpetual swap recently. For those who want to have the liquidity to try out the new product, MoonXBT’s OTC service is at hand.

Last but not the least, by enhancing the platform’s OTC capacity, MoonXBT is preparing for a bigger picture in which the platform will gradually evolve into an ecosystem that encompasses projects including GameFi, DeFi, DAO, and web3.0, etc.

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