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MoonXBT Launches NFT Passes for 2022 Football Token to Give Early Participants Priorities

Perhaps few would argue that the most exciting global event to look forward to for the rest of this year is the FIFA World Cup 2022. Where there is competition, there will be predictions. For events like this where people all around the world have different versions of dream winners, the prediction game will evolve along with the real game.

MoonXBT, an innovative crypto social trading exchange has taken the prediction game to the next level by releasing the 2022 Football Token with the help of blockchain technology. This is among the few derivatives related to the World Cup that you can find on the market. Users can support the team of their dream by purchasing the respective token and have the chance to lock in a profit by settling after each game or wait to share the final winning pool if lucky enough or even better gain profit from staking.

In addition, MoonXBT is also launching serial campaigns to promote better the 2022 Football Token derivative from which users can also get different benefits. Just recently, MoonXBT has released Football Token NFT passes with which users can get various priorities to lock in additional benefits if they get them fast.

The Football Token NFTs include five different designs all centered around MoonXBT’s Football Token derivative with slight variations. However, according to MoonXBT, the slight variations may be enlarged and presented in prices during the transactions in the future. The quantity for each NFT design is 20, and the total quantity of the NFT passes is 2000.

At this phase, it’s not hard at all to get the NFT passes. All the users need to do is follow the Twitter account of MoonXBT Global, pay attention to the NFT-related Twitter posts such as name one’s favorite football players in the comment or just simply retweet the posts and tag friends, you will get a chance to be included in the group where MoonXBT Football Token NFT passes will be airdropped to the 2000 participants randomly.

Getting the NFT passes are beneficial both directly and indirectly. For direct benefits, those who obtain the NFT passes will gain 10 USDT by default because that’s the worth of the digital asset on the market currently. Furthermore, new users who get the NFT pass will be given 2 USDT trading bonus right away to their MoonXBT accounts. And if a user deposits more than 100 USDT into their MoonXBT accounts and makes at least 1 transaction, he or she will get another 5 USDT trading bonuses.

More excitingly, the NFT passes can be also translated into priorities to earn rewards in the following campaigns during the world cup season. For instance, in addition to the Football Token which allows users to predict winners for each stage of the game, MoonXBT will hold the “prediction king” campaign to reward those who successfully predicted the top three teams of the World Cup. The winner will get the chance to earn an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. And for the winner who also happens to be an NFT pass holder, he or she will have a higher chance to be given the award.

The platform will also prepare an additional 2,000 USDT reward for those who have purchased the champion token. One lucky user will not only get the respective share from the winning pool but also take home the 2,000 USDT. Again, the one with the NFT pass will have the priority to earn the 2,000 USDT.

But those who are familiar with the NFT market must know, the real charm of NFTs is their unexpected performance in the secondary market. Right now, the MoonXBT Football NFT passes are also listed on OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace. The pass holders may also enjoy surprising appreciation of the asset once the NFT trading unfolds along with the development of MoonXBT’s 2022 Football Token derivative.

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