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MoonXBT Launches Two Thousand Airdrop for Spot Market Newbie Traders

MoonXBT airdrop

One of the secrets of making money from trading is to buy low and sell high. With that perspective to look at the still bearish crypto market right now, it’s definitely a good time to enter for the newbies, but of course, always with caution. For new crypto traders, it’s important to choose a good exchange to begin the journey.

MoonXBT might be the best choice for the newbies both in spot trading and derivative trading.

Spot trading: $2,000 Airdrop Campaign

Starting from August 22nd, anyone who registers on MoonXBT and starts their first trade can get a chance of receiving 2,000 USDT airdrops. But users need to fill in the official form in order to be qualified as participants in the campaign.

If the user trades more than 1,000 USDT for his or her first order, he or she will enter the premium ranking according to which the airdrop will be allocated with more quotas. But it is always recommended to invest no more than what one can afford to lose, especially if the user is a newbie.

The spot trading of MoonXBT now supports stable coins of USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, and cryptocurrencies of the following: BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, DOT, MATIC, SOL, XRP, and so forth.

The platform has worked with capital custodian company Fireblocks and codes audit company Certik to provide bank-level security for its traders. MoonXBT also offers abundant liquidity to deliver good trading depth. Orders on the platform can be filled in milliseconds to avoid price slippage.

MoonXBT offers a very friendly user interface making it easy to buy cryptocurrencies and it also provides 24*7 customer services to ensure traders, especially newbies, have a good trading experience.

Derivative trading: Copy trading function and Social Trading Tools

In addition to spot trading, MoonXBT is also a good place for new traders to explore derivative trading, especially with its copy trading function and social trading tools.

MoonXBT’s derivative trading products include liquid contracts, warrant options, and perpetual contracts. Right now, its flagship copy trading function only applies to liquid contracts. The copy trading function allows users to choose the professional traders on the platform and follow their strategy, place the orders in sync with the traders they choose and the orders will be automatically executed according to the behaviors of the professional traders.

For those users who are not crypto savvy, especially in terms of crypto derivative trading, this gives them chances to make profits with the strategies of the more experienced and professional traders. They can also use copy trading as a learning tool to familiarise themselves with derivative trading and therefore overcome the difficulty as a rookie trader.

Apart from copy trading, MoonXBT also offers new traders many useful tools to acquire trading enhancement through social interaction such as the in-app trading forums where traders can exchange thoughts and information with each other, as well as trading battles where traders can compete with each other using trading bonuses to enhance their trading skills in a virtual environment so that they can have better win rate in real trading.

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