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MoonXBT maximize your options trading profits

The sudden plummet of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent months has left many crypto traders sitting on the fence. Some are experiencing what is known as fear of missing out or FOMO as with the big dive of cryptocurrencies, comes with good opportunities to buy low and possibly sell high in the future. The others, though still wait-and-see, fear that it may not be the end of the crash with the unstable international environment.

In conditions of this, one investing tool — option trading — shows significant superiority compared with others in terms of raking in profits.

A leading crypto exchange MoonXBT recently launched its new warrant options products, kicking off the rollout of a series of options products.

A key feature of options trading is that it comes with fewer risks, but greater profits. For example, if a trader is betting both the long position and short position of the cryptocurrency market for $100 each order, he or she would only lose $100, the premium of the option, for the wrong bet. But for the right call, the trader could rake in thousands of dollars. That’s also why the option is believed to be the best tool in times of volatile market when the investment environment is not clear and the price of the cryptocurrencies is vulnerable to swings.

Unlike contract and spot trading, options trading comes with limited loss. Traders will be able to make profits as long as one of the calls is right. Whereas in contract trading, traders could go broke instantly with one bad contract trading. Also in options trading, there is no need to worry about liquidation, as traders will lose only their options premium in the worst-case scenario.

With that being said, MoonXBT goes further to allow the options traders to win more by lowering its premium for options trading. MoonXBT offers the lowest options premium, half the cost of other mainstream exchanges, which means a 50% discount and a possible double profit when traders buy options. In other words, traders using MoonXBT is highly likely to earn higher profit for crypto options trading compared with any other exchanges.

In addition, MoonXBT charges no transaction fee for options trading.

In order to increase traders’ chance to win, MoonXBT provides options with expiry time which ranges from 5 minutes to 6 months when most crypto exchanges usually offer options with shorter expiry times, like 5 minutes to 1 day, to boost trade volume. A longer expiry time of an option will boost the traders’ winning chance as it gives the trader more time to wait for the price of the cryptocurrency to bounce back or hit the target price.

Options trading also lower the threshold for traders to tap into cryptocurrencies if they lead a busy life with families and work. In this way, they can be spared from staring at the price charts all day.

What’s more, options provided on MoonXBT are more user-friendly compared with other exchanges, thereby enabling the traders to quickly get a hang of the desirable investment tool.

The MoonXBT options package offers diversified options products which can satisfy the needs of different cryptonauts, whether it is the beginners or professional traders. In the options basket offered by the exchange, there is the rare investment instrument — two types of touch options — double one-touch and double no-touch — that are both extremely simple to set up and execute, perfect for beginners.

Both double one-touch and double no-touch fall into the binary options category. Binary options have a “yes or no” logic basis.

They, with fixed risk, are devised to be highly effective when trading in volatile and horizontal markets. These options products, which offer expiry time as low as one minute, can be traded frequently to generate faster profits in a short time.

MoonXBT’s newly-launched warrant products have optimized links, a simplified trading process, a more streamlined trading experience, and better liquidity. When purchasing MoonXBT warrant options, users only need to select the time, choose the call or put direction and enter the denomination to purchase differently priced option products, making the transaction process effortless and convenient.

In order to foster greater adoption of crypto trading and options trading, earlier, MoonXBT launched a campaign called “MoonXBT options promotion ambassador plan”. Under the plan, key influencers of the crypto and the wider finance industry are invited to try out the new options products, prompting further discussions among the influencers and their diehard fans via the socialization feature offered by the exchange.

“We want more people to get familiar with options, which can make more discussion of trading, and make more active social behavior,” said George Lee, COO of MoonXBT.

The plan is another effort by the exchange to promote the popularization of options, create value for users and help the industry to progress healthily and positively.

Just as Lee envisioned, users can “trade more, discuss more, and socialize more, or our DAO can’t be better”.

As a social trading platform, the launch of the ambassador plan will certainly encourage socialization among crypto influencers, their followers, and the wider crypto world.

For those who have missed out on the event, there is no need to worry. The good news is that in the coming months, MoonXBT plans to launch other options products as well as social events encouraging interaction and connectivity in the crypto world.

Be sure that you are there next time!

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