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MoonXBT Offers New OTC Services for Deeper Cultivation of Vietnam Market

MoonXBT, the innovative crypto social trading platform, has recently released a new OTC service specifically for Vietnamese users by working with the OTC 365 platform which supports bi-transactions between crypto and Vietnamese fiat currency VND. This is part of MoonXBT’s effort of deeper market cultivation of Vietnam which so far has contributed the largest trading volume to MoonXBT and where MoonXBT has become one of the top three derivative crypto trading platforms.

VND to Crypto with convenient methods, fair price, and instant speed

The MoonXBT OTC 365 trading allows users to exchange directly with Vietnamese Dong (VND). For fiat money deposit and withdrawal, the OTC service supports both Vietnamese bank cards and the Vietnamese digital wallet MOMO which will bring big convenience for users who already own crypto but want to trade with more on MoonXBT, and new users who do not own any asset on MoonXBT yet.

To exchange crypto with VND, users can enter the amount they wish to transact either in VND or USDT, the equivalent number of the other will be automatically calculated and converted to always give users a clear idea of how much they are spending or getting in the gauge of both fiat and crypto.

Trading on this OTC platform requires zero fees. And the trading price is based on market price and will be automatically refreshed every 30 seconds to keep up with the real-time exchange rate.

The procedure for conducting OTC exchange is also very simple, it only requires users to enter the desired transaction amount, choose the payment method, and click on “buy” or “sell”. The orders as well as the fiat settlement will be completed in less than 30mins usually.

MoonXBT’s Dedication in Vietnamese Crypto Trading Industry

According to Triple A, Vietnam ranked second in the world for the value of retail and all on-chain cryptocurrency transactions and Vietnamese traders have a stronger preference for margin trading than traders in other countries or regions. In addition, Vietnamese traders place a strong focus on the community when it comes to crypto activities.

Starting as a derivative trading platform, MoonXBT soon gained a foothold in Vietnam with its flagship product liquid contract which is supported by strong liquidity and yet user friendliness which instantly attracted many derivative traders, influencers, and groups in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, MoonXBT also innovated on the fronts of social trading. With its copy trading function, it allows traders to follow professional traders’ strategy and have their orders executed with technological automation to save time and energy and make them earn like a pro.

The above two factors clicked with the crypto market needs of Vietnam. MoonXBT has gained popularity from many Vietnamese trading groups such as HC Capital, VB capital, Eagle Team (Thúy), Gold Tiger Kudo, Anh Review, and so forth.

Now being the top three derivative crypto exchange in Vietnam, MoonXBT is constantly upgrading its service to better serve the traders there. Working with OTC 365, and successfully establishing the efficient payment channel between crypto and VND is a vital step for bringing convenience to Vietnamese traders and accelerating the growth of the Vietnamese market for MoonXBT.

MoonXBT to Bring in More “Outside” Users into the Ecosystem

Apart from crypto trading, Vietnam also ranked the second highest rate of crypto use globally. According to Chainalysis, cryptocurrency adoption among individual investors increased by 881% in 2021.

For the past years, Vietnam has become a leading force in crypto adoption and innovation from the acceptance of crypto payment by merchants to the star innovative project such as the globally popular GameFi project Axie Infinity.

By adding OTC service from VND to crypto on MoonXBT, the exchange also wants to open doors to those for whom trading is not the first touching point when it comes to crypto, but are gaining more and more interest in crypto investing due to their adoption of crypto in the “outside” scenarios.

MoonXBT also aligns this action with its long-term vision: to build the web 3.0 crypto ecosystem with the exchange as the hub. Along with improving the exchange from multi-dimensions, MoonXBT is also testing waters in incubating other projects such as GameFi and Defi and using social influence to form strong connections and liquidity song the projects and with the exchange platform to eventually come into being an ecosystem. And it is of no question how big a role the fiat-to-crypto service will play in driving liquidity within the ecosystem.

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