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MoonXBT unveils an unrestricted Copy Trading system

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Leo Tolstoy once said, “All happy families resemble one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” As for contract trading, those profit-making users are sharing similarities. Those users whose accounts are burned, however, are telling different experiences. Some of them didn’t set up profit-taking and loss-stopping; some of them didn’t set up the leverage properly. Anyways, for those negative-profit users, it’s the lack of investing experiences that lead them to failed trading capabilities and failed trading strategies. What is known as Copy Trading is an easy way to get started to practice, which is the method to copy the strategies of the top-tier traders so that you can learn without risking too much.

As the world most fast-growing and most sought-after light contract trading platform, MoonXBT has been launched online in the first half this year. After the initial launch, MoonXBT has released an update in the middle of this August, V2.2.0, in which Copy Trading was available. That is what we called the first unrestricted Copy trading system in the Crypto world.

For many other contract exchanges providing Copy Trading services, some restrictions have been set on the maximum number of copying traders, the top amount of copy trading, and its proportion, etc. On some platforms, for instance, signal providers in system are able to open a 100 USDT position with 100x leverage; however, due to the above-mentioned restrictions, such as the proportion of margin fee, signal followers can only start with 1 USDT. Besides, some other platforms ask signal providers to open positions with step wise mechanism, for example, the maximum followers of copying trade is up 50 only when the trader’s margin is up to 10,000 USDT.

What should be pointed out is that with MoonXBT, the copy trading system is not restricted with threshold or other hidden barriers. MoonXBT is able to maximize the needs of signal providers and followers accordingly. One example is that when MoonXBT was running a test at the beginning of August, we had invited some of the top-tiers copied investors and many loyal followers to experience copy trading. One of those copied investors started an individual position with 5,000 USDT and a 150x leverage. Meanwhile, the historical earnings of this specific trader are greater than the others. So, in this case, with the promotion of MoonXBT, the signal provider was followed by almost 100 users simultaneously, and the instant transaction had reached up to 75,000,000 USDT.

So, it’s easy to see that what stays behind the massive transaction of copy trading is not only helping the signal providers and followers to make huge profit, but also represents the outstanding liquidity MoonXBT provided. The liquidity is the standard best measuring exchanges. And the liquidity of a platform is measured by how fast users’ transaction can be done without any slippage. In another word, the more the trading volume is and the faster the trading speed gets, the greater liquidity the platform stands. As to the individual signal follower, their trading speed and cost come up with the liquidity and the slippage, which is the decisive element of making profits in a flash. With MoonXBT, traders will be able to accomplish all that within the blink of an eye, securing the moment of making profits without any hesitation.

In the latest update, the Copy trading function has been talked about positively from both its UI and UX. Users can find the Copy Trading by clicking Explore page at the bottom right corner of the APP interface, or find Copy Trading function directly in the navigation bar of the Web interface. Signal traders are listed based on their trading styles,trading days,ROR, trading pairs. By doing so, new followers are able to select traders more clearly, copy trade, and learn their trading strategies.

As to signal traders or copied investors, MoonXBT has put into effective the profit motive system. They are free to set the proportion of profit margin, and also MoonXBT has set up a precautionary system to protect the legal rights of signal followers or copying traders. In MoonXBT, copy trading has been designed to stick to the principle of transaction transparency, profit data transparency, followers' detailed transaction transparency, real-time data exhibition. All have been executed to make followers easy to check the running status of their position value. With the help of big data provided by MoonXBT, copying traders has been able to independently select their copied investors to their interests. Meanwhile, in order to avoid the risks of misconducts caused by copied investors, copying traders will always be the leading role in transactions and assets. When copying trader is not satisfied with the on-duty copied investors, they are able to stop the copy trading immediately, or to close the position manually, to protect the legal rights of each copying trader as much as possible. Finally, copy trading has been a common practice in crypto world. In MoonXBT, though, what made us to come up with copy trading is to encourage more excellent contract traders and analysts, known as KOL, to join us, and providing them the opportunity to shine with their successful investment strategies and outstanding market analysis, Meanwhile, with copy trading, we are also trying to minimize the financial lost among new users, who are more vulnerable to the market fluctuation, and maximize their profits. MoonXBT has been carrying on with the concept of being simple, being user-friendly, and being easy-understandable, and providing a better experience to our users. Why don’t you give it a shot? Enjoy our unrestricted Copy trading, secure the best opportunity, and make the trade come true in a millisecond to increase your profit on MoonXBT.

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