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MoonXBT Vouches for 100% User Security After Being Regulated by SERC

MoonXBT, the leading crypto social trading platform, signed an MOU with the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) at the beginning of October laying out a framework for MoonXBT’s future cooperation with the Cambodian government in the development of digital asset adoption.

Under the framework, MoonXBT will be regulated and supervised by SERC to make sure everything that the platform carries out in Cambodia is in line with the local laws and regulations.

moonxbt secure SERC

A Testament to the Platform’s Reliability

MoonXBT is the second crypto exchange that has signed the MOU with SERC following Binance. At the same ceremony signing the MOU with SERC together with MoonXBT was CDI, China Development Institute, a high-end think tank backed by the Chinese government.

“This is a testament to MoonXBT’s reliability as a crypto exchange platform because the SERC won’t choose to work with a platform which potentially has loopholes or has risks to jeopardise the interests of the users,” says Anderson, the country manager of MoonXBT from Indonesia.

According to Anderson, MoonXBT has been carefully vetted before signing the MOU. “If you look at the partners which SERC has signed MOU with, Binance and CDI, you can see SERC chooses to work with the legit institutes or companies. MoonXBT has earned the trust of SERC in terms of its accountability and security to be able to become a government partner of Cambodia.”

Passing the Strict Security Scrutiny

Not only has MoonXBT been vetted, but also has been scrutinised for its platform security before it starts its first mission in Cambodia - to participate in security-related financial and technological environment testing.

In order to be qualified to participate in the testing, MoonXBT has been evaluated in the aspect of customer privacy, asset custody and storage, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism ability, risk audit ability, KYC policy as well as the platform’s values and integrity. It’s safe to say, whichever platform passed the above evaluation is equipped with a level of security that’s above the industry standard. And it is no doubt that the platform is a reliable one capable of protecting the asset and information of the users with 100% certainty.

Guaranteed Security for Long-term Cooperation

Going forward, MoonXBT also has massive developments in Cambodia in compliance with SERC regulations including providing strategic consultancy, human resource trading and moreover carrying out innovative experiments in the area of digital assets. And it has done substantial work to level up its security in order to guarantee consistent security for carrying out long-term plans. MoonXBT has worked with some of the best crypto security firms to strengthen the safety of the platform.

For asset storage and custodian, MoonXBT has collaborated with Fireblocks using its battle-tested secure and direct custody technology to allow users to maintain control of their private keys. Fireblocks provides an enterprise-grade and secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets. Its technology has been adopted by some of the biggest crypto exchanges and operators in the world such as BlockFi, Coinbase, and Binance.

MoonXBT has also worked with the top security company, Certik, to conduct thorough code auditing of the entire platform. Certik has carried out a series of audit activities including auto code scanning and manual code review, application vulnerability scanning, penetration test, etc on MoonXBT to make MoonXBT unattackable and immune to hacks that can cause potential asset losses.

With the above procedures and efforts, users can be assured that their accounts and assets are safe in the hands of MoonXBT. And it can be expected that MoonXBT can pursue more innovations with fewer risks in Cambodia and possibly other areas in Southeast Asia.

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