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Social trading exchange MoonXBT may be your cure to FOMO

Even if many haven’t invested in cryptocurrency, they can’t escape people talking about it, via casual talks at work or with friends. In fact, many people enter the crypto world at the driving force of the fear of missing out, better known as FOMO, when the world around from celebrity to a financial news media outlet is talking about investing in cryptocurrency.

FOMO is human nature that takes comprehensive studies to overcome. For many, FOMO might be the reason for them to get on the bandwagon of cryptocurrency trading, it is never the key for them to rake in profits.

Fortune favors the prepared. To overcome the most talked-about emotion, crypto traders have to get themselves informed and educated about the risks and benefits of crypto trading.

One way to do it is by social trading. A young social exchange platform MoonXBT has made a splash since its establishment in 2021.

In crypto trading exchange MoonXBT, apart from traditional trading functions, creates a fully-fledged crypto ecosystem that combines trading with socialization. Traders will embrace a crypto community that comes with a pool of professional, experienced traders or beginners, who can offer guidance and friendly advice to get them oriented first.

At MoonXBT, there is more to it when it comes to social trading. In order to diversify users’ experience in crypto trading, it provides one-click copy trading to smooth the trading journey for traders, particularly beginners.

“MoonXBT presents itself as a social trading platform not just by name but with substance,” said George Lee, COO of MoonXBT, who believes that interconnectivity can be used to drive innovation and creativity.

With features such as copy trading and social trading, the platform allows expert traders to become influencers. Together with copy traders and social activity among the traders, it forms stronger consensus and forces traders to use crypto on the platform as well as other scenarios, which drives the adoption of crypto, he stressed.

Crypto education is the key to over FOMO and fostering greater adoption of crypto. It’s also why MoonXBT comes into prominence among various crypto trading exchanges.

“I am proud that our staff has a strong passion to drive the growth of crypto as a medium of exchange and a store of value through promoting its liquidity. I am also humbled by the community support that is almost instantly received whenever a user encounters difficulties on our platform,” said Lee.

Another possible tool to avoid FOMO in crypto trading is options trading, in which traders bet on the price trend of cryptocurrencies and they will gain if their call is right. It is considered a great investment tool to manage risk and generate profit.

Options trading also lower the threshold for traders to tap into cryptocurrencies if they lead a busy life with families and work. In this way, they can be spared from staring at the price charts all day, avoiding being further swayed by FOMO.

Currently, a few exchanges offer options trading services. Luckily, MoonXBT has added it to its portfolio and managed to make options trading simple for Crytonauts to easily make a profit.

It offers the lowest option premium, half the cost of other mainstream exchanges, which means a 50% discount and a possible double profit when traders buy options. Traders using MoonXBT are highly likely to rake in higher profit for crypto options trading, compared with any other exchange.

In terms of the expiry time of options products — another key concept for options trading, MoonXBT is also a standout. Crypto exchanges usually offer options with a shorter expiry time, like 5 minutes to 1 day, to boost trade volume. That’s not the case for MoonXBT, which offers options with expiry times that ranges from 5 minutes to 6 months.

In order to satisfy the demand of various traders, MoonXBT also provides Warrant Options, Touch Options, American Standalone Options, and European Spread Options.

In addition, MoonXBT charges no transaction fee for options trading.

FOMO may be a double-edged sword for cryptonauts. However, MoonXBT provides a timely cure for that by making traders well-informed and stay abreast of other traders in the community. There is no need to fall prey to FOMO, come to MoonXBT to socialize with other traders to face up to it and conquer it!

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