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What can I Get from Crypto Option Trading of MoonXBT?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Hi Cryptonauts, as you all know, MoonXBT’s Crypto Options will launch in January. You may be wondering what you can do and what you can get from this new exciting line of products. Now, let’s figure it out.

MoonXBT brings you straightforward options trading

Options, a welcomed investing tool in the traditional financial world, are rarely seen in the crypto universe. The complexity of options is a barrier for many traders, and MoonXBT is here to make options trading simple for all our Cryptonauts to easily earn profit.

How does options trading work? You must already have a prediction on whether cryptos, like BTC, will rise or fall in the next few minutes, days, or even months. Let’s assume you think the price of BTC will go up. In that case, you can purchase an option. Once the price of BTC goes up, your call option will be in profit. The higher the price of BTC rises, the more profit your call option will return.

What if the price of BTC falls? You can wait until the price goes back up again. No liquidation will be executed before the moment you choose. So if you are unlucky and the price continues to fall and does not return within the allotted timeframe, your loss is limited to the premium you paid to purchase the option. This way, you know and can control your risk from the outset.

So you see, compared with contracts, options have lower risk and may return higher profits. Without the need to worry about liquidation, you can save your time and energy from looking at price charts to do something else. The perfect choice for traders with limited time essentially set and forget. That is the value of options trading.

Pay attention to MoonXBT option

As few exchanges offer options trading services now, MoonXBT will be a leading provider of options products. We will provide several options for products to choose from, which will be introduced in detail in later articles.

BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrency options will be available. Currently, BTC and ETH are trending sideways. Possibly preparing for a big move up in 2022. If you agree, then a MoonXBT option will be your big chance to cash in!

We appreciate your anticipation of our range of options trading products. It won’t be long before you can try them. We also value and welcome all our traders’ feedback. Together, we can build and provide you with precisely what you want. In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest news and more information about our options.

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