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You May Find 100X Gem Coin Here! MoonXBT Lists 42 Hot Cryptos All at Once for Users to Explore

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It may be a crypto bear market for some people, but for others, it may just be a season for different trading strategies. There’s no denial that the crypto industry is going through a downtime with many assets sinking in price and shrinking in trading volumes. However, even in a situation like this, there are chances that investors can take to reverse losses and even make profit.

Actually, now is a better time to explore those chances since the light is not taken away by mainstream coins during the bull market which makes investors' eyes open for those hidden gems with the potential to become the next 100x cryptos.

MoonXBT makes a big effort to help inventors find gems

Just recently, MoonXBT has listed 42 cryptocurrencies that have attracted popularity during the past few months in order to give users as many choices as possible to explore cryptos with great potential. Among the listed, these are some tokens that have generated a lot of heat recently: AVAX, QNT, VET, etc.

AVAX is the token of Avalanche who recently announced support for Crypto Royale, a crypto game. This can potentially boost demand for AVAX if it will be linked to in-game tokenomics. QNT is the running token for Quant and provides blockchain solutions for financial interoperability who recently mentioned it may play an important role in supporting CBDCs, Central bank digital currencies. QNT has been one of the best-performing tokens in the past four weeks rising almost 90% from its September low. VET is also somewhat promising as VeChain Foundation reports $535 million in $BTC, $ETH, $VET, and stablecoin reserves in its Financial Report for Q2 2022.

Besides the above, there are other gems waiting to be explored in the 42 cryptocurrencies. MoonXBT means to present them in large quantities so that investors can have enough opportunities.

MoonXBT other aggressive efforts during the bearish market

Just like MoonXBT’s launch of more than forty crypto efforts, for the past few months, MoonXBT has been taking rather aggressive efforts to reverse the bearish market downtrend than to take its hit Passively.

MoonXBT has been bold in presenting new investment opportunities out of the bearish market for users and has always been the front-runner of execution. For instance, it was the first exchange to launch liquid contracts for ETHW/USDT trading pairs. It also took the initiative to eliminate transaction fees for both stable coins and multiple trading pairs in the spot market long ago. It was also one of the few exchanges to have offered compensation for investors who have suffered from the LUNA crisis.

It can be seen that as a young exchange that has been founded for less than two years, MoonXBT is pretty solid and fearless to keep taking aggressive actions to battle the bearish market actively. It is even expanding the team and planning on new recruitment of more than 50 people all around the world.

As a result of these aggressive measures, MoonXBT has seen more and more users coming to the platform because this is the place where they can still find opportunities when the market is not that good. Despite that the bearish market is still pretty much ongoing, MoonXBT is going strong even seeing spikes in trading volume in September.

So, if you are looking for an exchange with enough capability and new investment opportunities, MoonXBT might be the place to go. For now, take a chance on the newly listed 42 cryptocurrencies.

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